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Yael Shimor Golan

How It All Began...

One of my first childhood memories is me sitting with my father in his workshop and together designing and creating a piece of Sterling Silver jewelry that we made as a gift to my Mom.
Many years passed since then, my father passed away and I grew up, raised a lovely family and became an accountant. Though, despite it all, the desire to create and design never left me and in the middle of my life along with a senior accounting position I held at the time, I decided to take a turn in my life and to make a change.
Therefore, I started with professional jewelry studies in both London and Tel Aviv and since then, and almost for fifteen years, I’m designing and creating jewelries in both traditional and modern ways. Once I took that extreme decision, I feel as if I made a closure with my admired father as well as with myself, fulfilling my dreams and passions. What started as a hobby became my full-time job nowadays, my way of expression as well as inspiration and aspiration. I hope you will enjoy browsing within my site and find a nice piece of jewelry for yourself or a lovely gift for a loved one.

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